Brîndușa Vasile

Coordinating teacher

I am a creative person who likes to get involved in educational projects aimed at involving young people in various actions, the main goal being their harmonious development, active participation in solving problems, finding the best solutions and, last but not least, integration in teams that allow adolescents to express themselves freely, to use different ways of working and to adopt correct attitudes towards social and professional life with the opportunity to discover the spirit of competition and empathy.

Bogdan Vizireanu

Role in the website creation process

I am a dynamic person that can face any challenge. I like to inform about everything and i am ambitious in everything i do.

Bianca Vărășteanu

Role in the process of administrating our social media pages

I am an empathic and dedicated person. I like to improve the society in which we live and to bring a smile to everyone's face, this being the reason I love being part of the team!

Sara Mureșanu

Role in attracting partners and volunteers

Add team member description here. Remove the text if not necessary.

Alexandru Andrușevici

Role in the proposal of activities

I am an energetic person, I like to invlove myself in various activites that imply teamwork.