Activity #8 – “Together for Alessia”

  • Location -> The Toma Socolescu Park, Ploiești
  • Date -> 09.28.2029

    The Happy Team participated in the charity exhibition organized in Ploiești, between September 19-20, 2020. We helped the organizers to be able to sell as many things as possible so that we can raise the necessary amount for the treatment that little Alessia needs.

    We thank those who contributed to the exhibition, donating things both big and small:

– Pătrașcu Raluca
– Popescu Ioana
– Vasile Brîndusa
– Oprea Adriana
– Vizireanu Bogdan

    The team was joined by the following students: Oprea Adriana, Duță Denisa, Goșman Ștefan, Manea Ana Maria, Nițu Monica, Popescu Ioana.

    We thank them and look forward to the activities we will do together in the future!

    We are very happy that we can make an impact and that we can help little Alessia!

    More details about her case here:

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