Activity #7 – “Workshop – Human Rights”

  • Location -> The College of Economics “Virgil Madgearu”, Ploiești
  • Date -> 05.28.2019
  • Guests -> George Nicodim from “Amnesty International Bucharest”

    This workshop was held in order to make us aware of how important human rights are in our society.

It was attended by both members of the "Happy Team" and students of The College of Economics “Virgil Madgearu”, Ploiești .

    In this workshop we played a game in which each of us was a character with different problems and certain personality traits, all listed on a small sheet of paper.

All participants were lined up on one side, while the game master stated a human right, at which point, the characters who found themselves stepped forward. When several characters came to the front, each student read, in order, which character he or she embodied. Thus, the students have realized that there are many violated rights, which is not normal at all and that the place where you were born can come with certain advantages and disadvantages. 

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